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Your donation goes directly to providing clean water and protecting rainforest!

Go Conscious Earth (GCEarth) is a 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit organization preserving large tracts of forest and wetlands in the Congo Basin Rainforest, the second largest rainforest in the world. We work with the DRC government and local NGOs to preserve rainforest and help the communities living in poverty around the rainforest with simple projects that help people out of extreme poverty. We are starting with the basis for all other health and wellness initiatives: clean water. We have built 5 water wells in 5 villages, bringing clean water to 10,000 people.

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It's easy to be worried about the state of the environment. We are all wondering if we are doing enough to protect the earth for ourselves and future generations. There's talk of global warming, melting ice caps, smog, and turbulent weather. We know the rainforests are important, and we want to protect them!

There are large communities of people living in extreme poverty in these rainforests. When multinational companies take over these lands for logging or farming, not only do they destroy the rainforests, damaging the earth's environment, but they devastate the lives of the people living here, leaving them with even fewer resources for survival. Meanwhile, in their efforts to survive, these communities often use farming and fishing methods that further damage these ecosystems.

Most of us have never lived without access to a school, water, or food. We haven't had to drink the water we wash our clothes in. We've never lost a child to starvation or a simple preventable infection. But for 790,000,000 people, these are the daily realities of their lives.

At GCEarth, we have developed an approach that preserves large tracts of rainforest while fighting poverty and cultivating long-term sustainable practices within the communities living there.

GCEarth has conserved one million acres of rainforest and provided clean water to 10,000 people, so far! We have asked the communities there what they need and we are working with them to make that happen - simple projects that work. Freshwater wells, schools, health clinics, sustainable farming and fishing, and long-term income generation. And as we implement our anti-poverty initiatives, we are in the process of conserving another million acres next door.

GCEarth Approach


We need to raise $55,000 to do the following:

  • $40,000: Build 5 wells. That's $8k per well and each well serves 2000 people. Yep, it costs just $4 to provide clean water to one man, woman, or child!
  • $4000: Send founder to DRC for one month to meet with other NGOs while the next five wells are installed. We have been approached by other NGOs about our team providing clean water to communites they serve. Doing so has a triple positive impact. It provides full-time work to the GCEarth water team, helps other impoverished communities obtain clean water, and creates economies of scale which bring the cost down of well materials and transportation.
  • $3000: Provide additional long-term materials to the GCEarth Water Team. On our last trip to build our first 5 wells, we rented some equipment (like a generator and pump necessary to pump dirty water out of a newly drilled hole), but this is not cost effective long-term. We will purchase these materials for the use of the Water Team. We will also be purchasing materials needed to build wells further from the lake.
  • $8000: Pay our team. None of this can happen without a lot of hard work on the part of our team in the US. We have much volunteer help and so are able to keep our administrative expenses incredibly low, but like all nonprofits, we need to pay our people to do this incredibly important work! We raise funds for the program work in the DRC, coordinate and manage the on-site program work, collaborate with other non-profits, solicit grants, communicate with our supporters, and a whole lot more...

Can you help us accomplish all this?

All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your help!

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